About Peter J. LeBlanc



I am an Ontario principal and am currently the F.S.L. Lead for my school Board. You can find my teaching Ontario College of Teachers’ profile here. I am an advocate for the integration of technology into the teaching tool box. I try to make the school walls more transparent each day. I believe that student voice is undervalued and under-appreciated. I work hard. I have been blessed as a 2015 recipient of Canada’s Outstanding Principal (TM) Award.  I was humbled to be amongst the TEDxKitchenerED speakers on May 14th, 2016. The link to my talk is below:

TEDxKitchenerEd – Education: Moving at the Speed of…”

I am the father of two twenty-somethings. I am a cyclically optimistic Leafs fan. When shifting gears away from work, I hike, bike, read, travel, sing in the car while playing a variety of instruments across my steering wheel and hope someone figures out a way to enjoy coffee intravenously. My opinions are, well, my own (which, when you think about it, should be obvious, shouldn’t it?) 🙂

I was happy to share my ideas here 🙂 with The Learning Partnership in their first in a series of podcasts featuring the 2015 recipients of Canada’s Outstanding Principal Award. Listen to the podcast here.

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