About Peter J. LeBlanc

IMG_0627I am a recently retired bilingual K-8 Ontario principal. My most recent work was as principal of the Canadian Section of the SHAPE International School in Belgium. This was my fourth and final school as principal and is certainly my most unique posting as principal (there are only 2 elementary principals working directly in schools for the DND – that’s pretty unique!) . And, of course, much more often than not, I LOVED my job!

I am currently writing my first book on visible educational leadership. It will be published sometime in 2022 via CodeBreakerEdu! I’m excited about this new venture.  I also work as an Ontario trainer for Behaviour Management Systems / Systèmes de gestion du comportement.

From 2016-2018, I was the French as a Second Language (Principal) Lead for my school Board. My main responsibility was to develop, implement and review our JK French Immersion registration, selection and waitlist process.

Professionally, I have always focussed on being:

  • a student-focused learner and leader (which seems like it should be a ‘no-brainer’, doesn’t it?);
  • An advocate for changes in education that better prepare our students for the world they will enter upon graduation (some would call these changes a focus on global competencies, 21st century or ‘deep’ learning);
  • A social media user who tries, sometimes successfully and sometimes not, to make my workspaces more  transparent;
  • Someone who believes in the power of student voice as a critical component in education;
  • Not flawless, not having all the answers, but I question, reflect, nudge and push, support and, in the end, sleep at night knowing I do a pretty darn good job most days.

Some of these descriptions found their way into a TEDx talk I gave on May 14th, 2016.

My LinkedIn profile is here.

In 2015, I was honoured to be one of 40 recipients of Canada’s Outstanding Principal (TM) Award.

I am always happy to ‘talk Ed’ in any capacity and have done so as a podcast guest, workshop speaker and keynote. Most recently, I spoke with Teacher Tool Kit UK about my experience as the Principal of SHAPE International School’s Canadian Section.

In June 2018, I spoke with Sarah Lalonde as a guest on her podcast “Que Sera Sarah”.

On a more personal note, I am the father of two twenty-somethings. I love to hike, read, travel, ‘hack around’ on the keyboards in my studio and sing in my car while playing a variety of instruments across my steering wheel. I have started working with kettlebells a few days a week in the hopes that Marvel or DC will cast a group of 50-something superheroes… who don’t have to wear tights. I am a cyclically optimistic Leafs fan who is currently more optimistic that not. I also wish someone would figure out a way to enjoy coffee intravenously.

And finally… any opinions expressed here are, well, my own (which, when you think about it, should be obvious, shouldn’t it?) 🙂 and don’t reflect those of my current employer, my school community or anyone else I may represent in a space other than this one.

2 thoughts on “About Peter J. LeBlanc

  1. Peter…I love your personal
    Mission statement. It is very clear who you are as an educator and what your vision for student learning is. Well done!

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