My Etmooc Journey

I’m 2 weeks late on my commitment to have a blog up and running before the end of 2012. It took registration in my first Mooc to push me towards publication. This is the #etmooc page of my blog. It’s purpose is to post, reflect on, disseminate and question my learning throughout this journey.

I am a K-8 school principal in Ontario, Canada. I love my job. I just thought I’d put that out there. More than a few people are surprised when I tell them what I do for a living and even more shocked when I describe how much enjoyment I get out of it. I’ve been working in schools since 1990 and have been an ‘official’ teacher since 1993. I’ve dabbled in Core French, taught Extended French for 5 years, Grade 7 & 8 for another five, a taste of a classroom for students who struggle adapting to a regular class environment and another brief taste of Grade 5. My ‘recipe’ for educational work includes equal parts Catholic (1st 10 years) and Public (most recent 10). I consider myself to be proficient with technology and have pretty strong opinions about where technology should be in our schools.

Out of Etmooc? Easy… I’m looking to connect. I’m looking to learn. I’m looking to share. I’m looking to challenge my own assumptions. I’m looking to respectful challenge others as well. Mostly, I’m looking to extend the love I have for the work I do into new spaces and places. And I’m glad I’m not looking alone.

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