School Start Up: What’s That Word?

There is an energy that exists in a school start-up that’s hard to explain. I’m looking for a word describe it and I can’t yet find it.

Busy doesn’t describe it; because it isn’t. Orderly doesn’t describe it either. ‘Buzzy’ might be closer. It feels chaotic, but there’s a flow and an order.

Selected first day outfits is as hard for the principal as it is for the students. 🙂

School start up is an interesting experience. Classrooms get set up. Schedule are created. Procedures are tweaked. Dozens of items are reviewed. And everyone… students, staff, parents, anxiously await the first bell. You put everything in place in the hope that things will run smoothly.  However, in a system as complex as a school, sometimes you just ring the bell and hold your breath.

We’re less than 2 weeks in so its too early to guage how things will go.  The vice-principal and I have been visible throughout the building. Our staff and students have begun to ‘Dig in’, ‘Take Risks’, Include Others’, and ‘Work Together’ – the 4 pieces of our school’s improvement plan. I have already connected with several students and spoke to our older students about leadership and legacy on day 1. One group came to me immediately after and expressed an interest in leading a Gay Straight Alliance. Another has shared a number of great ideas he’d like to add to the school. He’s nine and he’s been in the building for seven days – as long as I have. 🙂 So, even though we’re less than 2 weeks in, we’re already seeing things happen.

Maybe the word I’m looking for isn’t ‘buzzy’ or ‘chaos’ or ‘orderly’ or ‘energetic’. But it was on the tip of my tongue. I know what it is now. It’s POTENTIAL. That’s the word that describes the energy surrounding a school start up.

I knew I’d find it. 😉